Introducing: Randy Bradford

When I was perhaps 8 or 9 years old, my father was in the hospital for several days.  I don’t recall what for, but my father had a habit of buying me things when he was in the hospital to keep me occupied, thinking of him but not thinking about what he was enduring.  The time I mention here, he brought me several treasure hunting magazines he bought off the rack at the hospital gift shop.  “Treasure Search”, “Treasure Found”…these magazines fueled for the first time my passion in history, the Spanish, Native Americans, outlaws, and the mysteries of a forgotten time.

I would later find myself drawn to occasional television programming that involved lost treasure stories.  “In Search Of” and “Unsolved Mysteries” would introduce me to well known treasures such as the Lost Dutchman, Oak Island, the Beale Codes and Victorio Peak.  My local library would also be the source of study as I read books by Karl Von Mueller, Charles Garret and Robert Marx.

My passion for treasure has taken me in directions I never anticipated.  For the past 15 years I have been the administrator of “The Treasures of Utah” , a message board dedicated to lost mines, lost treasures and the historical context of treasure folklore and history in the state of Utah.  We have, over the years, grown increasingly inclusive, dedicating forum sections to broad topics such as prospecting, rock hounding, fossil hunting, book reviews and presenting the Treasures of Utah as an advertising venue for treasure-themed events, presentations and forum member get-togethers.

Most recently, I have started working on collecting out of print treasure magazines  and tabloids, while pursuing my own research into known legendary treasures such as the LUE map and Montezuma’s Aztec horde.  May 2015 will also represent a personal milestone as my first article will be published in “Lost treasure Magazine,” and hopefully represents the first of many of my own publishing endeavors.

The Treasure Author’s Exchange represents a progression as my own work  moves from myself to those I know, relying on contacts I’ve established in fifteen years of researching, writing and developing relationships with like-minded individuals.  It is my sincere hope that the Treasure Author’s Exchange will provide you, the customer, with new and unique content.  More importantly, I hope that the Treasure Author’s Exchange will be a venue for author’s to provide high quality and affordable content.

Randy Bradford




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