R.I.P. Bill Pierce

It is with heavy heart that the Treasure Authors Xchange announces the passing of Bill Pierce.  Co-Owner Harley Bissell shares the following:

I first met Bill when he was still in the United States. He was a very good jet engine mechanic and worked for the major airlines. Eventually he went to Scotland and married a lass there. He seemed to make annual flights back  to the US. As fellow members of George Ober’s digital dowsers we met in late 1999. We also shared space in the International Society of Dowsers which is a  non-affiliated group controlled by the American Society of Dowsers.

In his free time he served as a consultant and dowser on many  treasure expeditions. When it came to stateside trips they were for family and treasure. He was the dowsing expert on several forums. I enjoyed his many emails and things he forwarded of a technical nature such as links to do-it-yourself hydrogen cars.  The title refers to his involvement with his wife in amateur theatre productions. Feel free to add your memories. This post will rest in the memory halls of TreasureAuthorsXchange as long as it remains.

Harley Bissell

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