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Announcing “Cowboy” Bart Jeppesen

Hello there!

I want to share some things I know with you that may change your future.

My name is Cowboy Bart, I have had the boots on the ground field experience for roughly 20 years now. During this time I have a photograph collection of a vast amount of symbols that I have personally found while doing field work. All these symbols and the multiple meanings have been added into the present 7 books I have written. During my boots on the ground field work I have traveled to many western states and found that the symbols were pretty much universal. This prompted my eagerness to know more, which then began my need to reverse engineer every site I had found. I needed to know how, why, what, who and more! Treasure hunting is addictive, once it grabs hold of you, you can never escape!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please read my helpful hints and check out a few of the books I have written. ( It works for me, should work for you too! )

Cowboy Bart Jeppesen.