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Treasure in the News: Out of the Closet

Re-posting this from a story I viewed recently online.  The story can be found easily on many sites, but often the news sites that run these stories are bogged down with pop-ups, adds, videos and other things that make reading a good story tedious and frustrating.  Consistent with Treasure Authors Exchange’s mission statement,  this story is presented with the idea in mind of educating the reader on one of many possible search zones for cache sites.  Whether it’s a home you have permission to search, a family members, or even that home you just moved into, homes present many possible hiding spots and educating yourself on where to search and what to look for could improve oyur chances of a major recovery.

Reddit user, EvilEnglish, hit the grandparent jackpot with his PopPop and Nana. Not only did his grandmother read him Treasure Island as a kid, sparking a lifelong desire to find a secret fortune of his own someday, she also inadvertently made his wish come true. His grandparents left him their farmhouse in Tennessee, and when he went to the house to clean it up, he noticed a very dirty carpet. He decided to get rid of it, and when he lifted the filthy adornment to throw it away, he made a once-in-a-lifetime discovery—a hidden safe!

He tried for days to crack the lock on the concrete safe himself with no avail. Finally, he called a locksmith, who broke it open. EvilEnglish said that his grandparents were avid collectors, so he knew the safe would be filled with interesting stuff, but he never imagined this!

While cleaning out his grandparents’ house, he happened upon this musty old closet.


Behind the door he found a truly dirty carpet. Who wouldn’t want to get rid of it?



Hmmm…what’s that?


A secret safe? This MIGHT be too good to be true.


He tried to open the sucker himself, but the safe was stubborn, and a locksmith had to be called in to crack it open.


Finally! The lock was removed from the safe…



He pulled it open and…


…A pile of bricks, and water damage. He was almost disappointed, but persevered. What could be beneath the bricks?


This coin book from 1937 looks mushy on the outside, but all the money inside was found in pristine condition…and there’s more!


Even more coin books!


This is just a third of what they found in the safe. They decided to dive back in to see what other treasures they could find.


They found some old soaked dollar bills…


They found even more coins…


Some were rare and beautiful…


They also found pistols, wristwatches, and…


…a rusted toolbox?


Nope! Not tools. In the decrepit box they found piles of jewelry, and best of all…


…bars of silver! Now that’s a true treasure!